Concrete slip joint pipe with sole

DN 100 to DN 1000 mm
1m long 

curb inlet

cover included, 50kN or 125kN

dimensions 710 mm x 680 mm x 260 mm

Concrete large pipes

DN 1200 mm to DN 2000 mm

Concrete heavy duty pipes with slip joint

DN 300 to DN 1500 mm
1m long

Concrete – arch profile

DN 1400/1050 mm x 2000 mm

Concrete embankment heads with 2:3 gradient and with slip joint

DN 300 mm to DN 1200 mm

Concrete rectangular shaft and rectangular bottom parts

DN 600/600 mm to
DN 1250/1500 mm

Concrete gully shaped stones with slip joint

DN 800/200 mm to
DN 1000/190 mm

Box Culverts in reinforced concrete

usable for stream channels, dirt-road bridges, pedestrian underpasses, etc.

Mountain gully profiles

DN 330/550 x 650 mm

Reinforced concrete U-Profiles with cover plates

DN 600/800/1200 mm to DN 2000/1500/2000 mm

Reinforced concrete cover plates

DN 600mm to DN 2500 mm

Concrete – road gullies for dry and wet sludge

Fountain rings and fountain rings with bottoms

DN 800 x 600 mm to DN 2500 x 1030 mm

Sump and septic tanks

Concrete drainage shaft rings and cones

DN 800 mm to DN 1000 mm
Wall thicknesses 7 and 12 cm

Concrete boundary stones

Concrete shaft bottom parts

DN 800/500 mm to DN 1800/2000 mm
in various versions

Concrete - socket pipes

DN 150 mm - DN 1200 mm

Concrete - socket pipes EF

DN 200/300 mm to DN 1400/2100 mm

Shaft cccessories

BEGE shaft cover round
BEGE- shaft cover square
Slot bucket and dirt trap,
made of steel and plastic
UNIMAX Stirrups
Fountain foam

Road gullies for Vienna

DN 450 x 450 mm
DN 600 x 600

Water measurement shaft for Vienna

DN 1200 mm

VARIO barrier

Dimensions 2000 mm x 540 mm x 900 mm

Mass 1500 kg

details on request